How to style a basic tee

Basic tees are just a must-have for any wardrobe. Whether they’re v-neck, crew, scoop neck, it can often be difficult to know how to jazz them up a little. Personally, I’ll be focusing on the v-necks and crew necks.

1. Add a scarf

Photo on 29-06-2015 at 13.11 #3

2. A long necklace   Photo on 29-06-2015 at 13.12 #2       3. If it’s long, tie it in a knot.

Photo on 29-06-2015 at 13.27 #2

4. Statement necklace.

Photo on 29-06-2015 at 13.15

5. Tie a shirt around your waist to add some shape.

Photo on 29-06-2015 at 13.32 #2

6. Patterned trousers or leggings. (Sorry for the out of season leggings – these were the only patterned ones I could find!)

Photo on 29-06-2015 at 13.25

7. A bold lip if you’re in need of some colour.


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