Jewellery Arrangements

Jewellery can be a tricky thing to organise, and for a while I’ve been having trouble trying to store my necklaces without them getting tangled. I wanted a low-cost option, as I didn’t want to splurge on an expensive jewellery box when I have nowhere to display it.

So I’ve got three suggests that I wanted to talk about, as I’ve tried each of these on my long journey of jewellery organisation.

image 3

1. A jewellery stand.

I actually received this stand as a gift, and I really do love it. It’s brilliant for storing a small number of necklaces or bracelets, but once I had a number of longer necklaces on it they kept getting tangled and knocking the shoe over. This led me to find an alternative storage option.

image 5

2. Little boxes.

This is probably the least attractive version of the lot, but it really is quite convenient! If you have little boxes that you can put in your drawer, then putting necklaces and bracelets in these could be very handy as it’ll prevent them from getting tangled. I used two little pots I had received as gifts, and then the boxes Thomas Sabo charms come in.


3. A card holder.

This is my newest approach to the jewellery storage situation, and at the moment I’m loving it! This is a christmas card holder that I found in John Lewis, and I’ve just hung the necklaces in the places where the cards would go. I think it’s a really original storage idea and looks really good, too. Currently I have hung it on a nail on the wall beside my vanity.


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