Clothbound Classics


If you love reading as much as I do, you might have seen these around Waterstones and other bookshops. Penguin has released these gorgeous hardback versions of the most famous classics in literature, and I think they really are breathtaking.

Being one of my favourite novels ever, the one I purchased first was Pride and Prejudice, which is beautiful. I saw it and couldn’t help myself! They have a bookmark in them that matches the colour of the cover, and special book features (if these are even a thing), with chronology, notes on the text, and more. Each book has its own unique cover.


There are a number of different places you can get these books from, but the full collection can be found at Waterstones, and they’re currently at a reduced price as well.

I think these would make a perfect gift for someone, or even just a treat for yourself!


Fashion Haul

I’m here with another fashion haul, yay! Yes, I think I might have an addiction with buying clothes. Although, in my defence, these purchases were spread over two separate shopping trips. Shorts So, the first thing I got was this pair of shorts from New Look. These are a beautiful dark blue, and they are lovely and high-waisted to give a flattering look. They were £10 and you can find them here. Giraffe From H&M I got two things. The first was this sleeveless top with giraffes all over it, which I absolutely love. The other thing I love about this is that it is part of the ‘H&M conscious’ line, which means that it was made using recycled textiles. I couldn’t resist. £7.99 here in black/patterned. Blue lace I then got this light blue dress, which I think will be perfect for the spring and summer. It’s a nice lacy design, and I think it’s a good mixture of casual and more dressy. £19.99 here. Flowery And then it was Forever 21, my downfall. I can never resist walking out of F21 without at least one purchase. I ended up getting two dresses, and the first was this beautiful floral one, which is in a flattering skater style, and I know it will be perfect for the warm summer months! It was £10, but not online.Burgundy dress I then got this burgundy dress. I know this isn’t as summery as the rest of my purchases, but I thought it was a good transitional dress from winter to spring. And I’ve already got a lot of use out of it! £17.50 but not currently online. White Lace I then went to Hollister, mostly because I just like to have a look around. For years I’ve absolutely adored their lace dresses and have had my eye on many that have come in and out of their lines. Finally I got one, and I am so pleased with it. This dress is in a skater style as well (can you see a pattern?) and it’s tied at the back. £42 here. Aztec The last thing I got on the first trip was this tank top from Hollister. It’s really flowy and quite festival-esque, which I adore as I’m relying on it to keep me cool on holiday. It’s cropped, so will be pairing with some high-waisted shorts! £24 but not currently online. My second shopping trip was meant to be a quick look around Primark to see if they had any backpacks, and also to buy a pair of sandels, as for some reason Primark sandals are the only ones that fit my feet. Alas, I came out of Primark without either of the two. Playsuit I did, however, get this playsuit. Which is my first one actually, because so far I’ve been too scared to buy one. But for £5, I thought it was a good bargain to try, and I absolutely love the fit and the aztec style for this! Stripey Crop Top I then picked up this tank top. It’s almost a jumper-like texture as well, which I thought was very unusual. I’m a little undecided about this one, because although my new high-waisted shorts work perfectly with it, it seems my high-waisted jeans are simply not high-waisted enough. It was also £5.

Primark pumps

I also picked up these ballet pumps, because I absolutely love Primark pumps. Once again, they actually fit my narrow feet, and they are so nice. Considering I’m only in casual clothes at the weekends, these work just fine for me. And the pastel blue colour will be perfect for spring and summer! Grey tee The last thing I got from Primark was this grey v-neck shirt. I touched this on a whim and couldn’t leave it once I felt how incredibly soft it was. The colour isn’t anything spectacular, but I know this will be perfect to wear on the plane, and to also pair with a nice scarf. Besides, who can go wrong with a basic tee for only £3? Bag And then the last thing I got, and definitely the thing I was most excited about – this backpack from H&M. I popped in just to have a quick scan, and I fell in love with this! I wanted a backpack to take around New York when I visit and also the theme parks in Florida, as well as on the plane and when I go to Berlin. I love the soft texture and colour of this bag, and it thankfully fits my laptop in too. It was £24.99, but it’s not online.

So that’s all I bought, and I definitely won’t be needing to go on a shopping trip in the near future! Hope you’ve enjoyed, and apologies for all the things that I can’t seem to find online.

An old favourite


With all the new fancy lip balms coming out that promise to work wonders for your lips, it’s easy to forget the good old gems. For me, Vaseline is one of those. As you can see from the picture mine is very battered, but that’s just the well-loved look, right?

I’d been obsessed with my Carmex lip balm for quite some time, but then around January my lips started getting really dry, and unfortunately Carmex wasn’t cutting it. In fact, no matter what I tried, between exfoliating and every lip balm under the sun, nothing would work. Then I stumbled across my old tub of Vaseline. After a few days of applying it whenever I needed to, both my dry lips and the flaky skin around them had cleared up! A complete wonder.

So I guess the message of this post is that, no matter what new and exciting flashy products are on the market, sometimes a good old reliable product is the best way forward! And maybe do look out for that tub of Vaseline that’s lying around the house, because for me it really was a life saver.

Liebster award – Part 2!

liebster-award1I am absolutely thrilled to say that I have been nominated for the Liebster award again by the wonderful Lauryn! In case you didn’t see my last post on this, it’s basically a lovely award where smaller blogs recognise each other.

So the questions from Lauryn are as follows:

Something you can’t live without? (beside your phone)

Ooh, I would have to say my friends. Cheesy, I know, but if I didn’t have them I don’t know what I’d do!

Favourite blog?

Tricky, as it changes all the time! I would probably have to go with essiebutton because her blog is set out so beautifully and I absolutely love reading her posts.

Dark cut crease or neutral smoky eye?

Neutral smokey eye!

Favourite beauty product EVER? (this is a hard one)

Ooh, wow. I’d probably say my Clarins Wonder Length mascara, as it’s hands-down the one makeup item that never changes for me. It gives lovely natural, long, lashes without making them look too clumpy.

Foundation brush or fingers?

Foundation brush, definitely!

What, without a doubt, always makes you smile? (It could be a person, activity or object)

My dogs, hands down!

Best memory?

Oh, a tricky one. Hm, I’d probably say getting my dogs!

Story behind your blog name?

Well it’s definitely not a very exciting story! I just really like lipsticks and I’ve never really understood why people love lipglosses more.

If you could live one day over again, which would it be? 

I’m all about learning from your mistakes, so I probably wouldn’t live any over again. However, I’d maybe choose the day I went for a scholarship, as I could’ve chosen a much better topic to write my essay on.

Weirdest thing you’ve eaten?

I don’t think I’ve eaten anything weird, although I’ve probably tried grass at some point.

Favourite quote?

“Life isn’t about waiting for the storm to pass, it’s about learning to dance in the rain.”

So that’s it! Once again thank you to the wonderful Lauryn for nominating me! I actually haven’t followed many blogs since I did my last one, so I won’t nominate anyone else right now, but I would definitely suggest going over to my previous post and looking at who I nominated before 🙂

Fashion Haul

Feb 15

Hiya everyone! So about a week or so ago I went shopping with my friends, and I thought I’d show you what I got. After all, who doesn’t like hauls?

Flowery F21

So the first place we went into was Forever 21, and I got two things. The first was this beautiful shirt with mid-length sleeves and daisies on it. It’s perfect for spring and has a gorgeous fit! £15 here in Navy/Creme

Olive F21I also got this shirt. It’s a lovely olive colour and is loose and flowing, which is perfect for those days where you want to put something nice on without having to dress up too much. £11 here in Olive.

Jewellery close upI then bought these three necklaces. The Diplodocus necklace and the Star necklace came in a pack of two from H&M for a mere £3.99, although unfortunately I can’t find it online! I then went into Topshop and saw this Hasma hand necklace, which I was thrilled with as I’ve been looking for one for absolutely ages. It was £6, although unfortunately I can’t find it online either! I found two similar though: Here and here.

And that’s it! Hope you’re all having a good week 🙂

New in – Wholemeal pizza

zizzi piture

Original image taken from Zizzi’s webpage.

Okay, so the idea of wholemeal pizzas probably isn’t new at all. In fact, they’ve been around for quite some time. But I have never eaten one or even seen one on the menu at any restaurant but Zizzi, an Italian restaurant.

These pizzas are honestly the best I’ve ever tried. They’re smaller than your classic pizza, and are advertised as being under 500kcals but, honestly, you can’t taste the difference. You can get a variety of toppings with this type of pizza, and each one also comes with a delicious side salad. The wholemeal base just gives that little extra bit of flavour and is healthier too!

So perhaps when you’re next out at an Italian restaurant see if they do wholemeal pizza bases, and give it a try!

Liebster Award

liebster-award1 Hiya! I’ve been nominated by the fabulous Cat for the Liebster award! In a nutshell, this lovely award is a way to raise awareness for those smaller blogs out there, as well as a great way of getting to know a little bit about each other! It’s also a fantabulous opportunity to find some new blogs if you’re feeling adventurous.

The questions from Cat are:

1) What’s your favourite makeup brand?

Wow, okay, a toughie. I’m going to go with Rimmel because I’m loving the Match Perfection Foundation and the Stay Matte Powder, but Revlon’s coming in a very close second place at the moment, as I absolutely adore their lip products.

2)  If you could only have 3 beauty products for the rest of your life, what would they be?

Hm, I take it this is general and not brands so I’d go with foundation, powder, and lipstick!

3) What kind of music do you like?

I seem to like a variety of music! I like one or two songs from Taylor Swift, but I also love Imagine Dragons and Arctic Monkeys, so I switch it up a lot!

4) Who is your style icon?

I wouldn’t say I have a specific  celebrity style icon or anything like that, but I love just taking inspiration from random people’s outfits that I see out and about. However, my friend has absolutely wonderful fashion sense so she’s inspired some of my outfits,  and I love what Zoella wears in her lookbooks!

5) Who are your favourite bloggers/youtubers?

I’m only just getting into blog reading so I’m not going to pick any favourites just yet, but as for youtubers, at the moment I love watching essiebutton!

I nominate the following:





Here are my questions!

1) If you had to pick your favourite drugstore lipstick brand, what would it be?

2) Tinted moisturiser, BB cream, or foundation and why?

3) What are you favourite non-beauty style blog posts/videos to read/watch? E.g home ware, vlogs, fashion

4) What’s your favourite recent fashion trend?

5) What would you say is your most used makeup item ever?