Taylor Swift at Hyde Park

On Saturday 27th June, I was lucky enough to go and see Taylor Swift at Hyde Park. She was amazing! I thought I’d just show what I wore, alongside some pictures from the night. The aim of this post is to give you an idea of what the event was like, in case you want to go next year (or whenever it’s repeated).

Photo on 29-06-2015 at 16.09

As pictured above, I wore some high-waisted jeans, paired with a crop top from Hollister. I chose a flowy one, as I wanted to give off the ‘festival’ vibes, and also keep myself cool. Although you can’t see it in the picture, I also wore my gold Topshop Infinity necklace.


I had a pretty good view of the stage, considering I only went to watch Taylor Swift and therefore joined the crowd later than many others. My friends and I decided to go up later, which meant that we could only see Ellie Goulding and Taylor Swift. Not wanting to spend too many hours in the crowd, I spent Ellie Goulding’s performance on comfortable beanbags, whilst still being able to enjoy her music.

As we bought Diamond tickets, we were able to have access to the ‘Garden’, meaning we had access to food stalls, and also the aforementioned beanbags and other chairs. A little gift bag was also included in our ticket, which included a tshirt, notepad, and a lanyard.

P1010061I have to say, it was a lovely atmosphere. There were over 65,000 people there, but it didn’t feel like it! I was off to the side, and thankfully wasn’t too swept off in the crowd. Others were, however, as you can see by the pictures below!

imageeeimageeOverall, it was an amazing night. I would definitely recommend getting diamond tickets or other premium ones if you’re going to a BST event, as you get early access (if you want it), large seating areas to have breaks in, and are also separated from the big crowds by netting and fences.


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