Fashion Haul

I’m here with another fashion haul, yay! Yes, I think I might have an addiction with buying clothes. Although, in my defence, these purchases were spread over two separate shopping trips. Shorts So, the first thing I got was this pair of shorts from New Look. These are a beautiful dark blue, and they are lovely and high-waisted to give a flattering look. They were £10 and you can find them here. Giraffe From H&M I got two things. The first was this sleeveless top with giraffes all over it, which I absolutely love. The other thing I love about this is that it is part of the ‘H&M conscious’ line, which means that it was made using recycled textiles. I couldn’t resist. £7.99 here in black/patterned. Blue lace I then got this light blue dress, which I think will be perfect for the spring and summer. It’s a nice lacy design, and I think it’s a good mixture of casual and more dressy. £19.99 here. Flowery And then it was Forever 21, my downfall. I can never resist walking out of F21 without at least one purchase. I ended up getting two dresses, and the first was this beautiful floral one, which is in a flattering skater style, and I know it will be perfect for the warm summer months! It was £10, but not online.Burgundy dress I then got this burgundy dress. I know this isn’t as summery as the rest of my purchases, but I thought it was a good transitional dress from winter to spring. And I’ve already got a lot of use out of it! £17.50 but not currently online. White Lace I then went to Hollister, mostly because I just like to have a look around. For years I’ve absolutely adored their lace dresses and have had my eye on many that have come in and out of their lines. Finally I got one, and I am so pleased with it. This dress is in a skater style as well (can you see a pattern?) and it’s tied at the back. £42 here. Aztec The last thing I got on the first trip was this tank top from Hollister. It’s really flowy and quite festival-esque, which I adore as I’m relying on it to keep me cool on holiday. It’s cropped, so will be pairing with some high-waisted shorts! £24 but not currently online. My second shopping trip was meant to be a quick look around Primark to see if they had any backpacks, and also to buy a pair of sandels, as for some reason Primark sandals are the only ones that fit my feet. Alas, I came out of Primark without either of the two. Playsuit I did, however, get this playsuit. Which is my first one actually, because so far I’ve been too scared to buy one. But for £5, I thought it was a good bargain to try, and I absolutely love the fit and the aztec style for this! Stripey Crop Top I then picked up this tank top. It’s almost a jumper-like texture as well, which I thought was very unusual. I’m a little undecided about this one, because although my new high-waisted shorts work perfectly with it, it seems my high-waisted jeans are simply not high-waisted enough. It was also £5.

Primark pumps

I also picked up these ballet pumps, because I absolutely love Primark pumps. Once again, they actually fit my narrow feet, and they are so nice. Considering I’m only in casual clothes at the weekends, these work just fine for me. And the pastel blue colour will be perfect for spring and summer! Grey tee The last thing I got from Primark was this grey v-neck shirt. I touched this on a whim and couldn’t leave it once I felt how incredibly soft it was. The colour isn’t anything spectacular, but I know this will be perfect to wear on the plane, and to also pair with a nice scarf. Besides, who can go wrong with a basic tee for only £3? Bag And then the last thing I got, and definitely the thing I was most excited about – this backpack from H&M. I popped in just to have a quick scan, and I fell in love with this! I wanted a backpack to take around New York when I visit and also the theme parks in Florida, as well as on the plane and when I go to Berlin. I love the soft texture and colour of this bag, and it thankfully fits my laptop in too. It was £24.99, but it’s not online.

So that’s all I bought, and I definitely won’t be needing to go on a shopping trip in the near future! Hope you’ve enjoyed, and apologies for all the things that I can’t seem to find online.


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