An old favourite


With all the new fancy lip balms coming out that promise to work wonders for your lips, it’s easy to forget the good old gems. For me, Vaseline is one of those. As you can see from the picture mine is very battered, but that’s just the well-loved look, right?

I’d been obsessed with my Carmex lip balm for quite some time, but then around January my lips started getting really dry, and unfortunately Carmex wasn’t cutting it. In fact, no matter what I tried, between exfoliating and every lip balm under the sun, nothing would work. Then I stumbled across my old tub of Vaseline. After a few days of applying it whenever I needed to, both my dry lips and the flaky skin around them had cleared up! A complete wonder.

So I guess the message of this post is that, no matter what new and exciting flashy products are on the market, sometimes a good old reliable product is the best way forward! And maybe do look out for that tub of Vaseline that’s lying around the house, because for me it really was a life saver.


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